Archinect Sessions pt. 1

Today at 4pm PST, Bryan Finoki of Subtopia and I will be discussing the somewhat ambitiously framed topic of "the future of urbanism" in a dialogue moderated by Orhan Ayyüce under the sponsorship of Archinect. We'll be hosted by the VDL House here in Los Angeles, by Richard Neutra.

While there are no more open seats at the event itself, it will all be livestreamed somewhere on Archinect, in case you're interested in tuning in. Expect such topics as new models for urban growth; relations between the architectural sublime and political activism; and how emerging forms of media increasingly drive global design debates.

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Blogger Leif said...

Is this currently available online? I couldn't find it through the Archinet site?

September 24, 2010 8:05 PM  

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