Sand/Rake Diptych

[Images: Sand raked into earthworks, then photographed from above with a kite – a process all but perfected by Lenny, a photographer based on the island of Guernsey, whose art and idea these are. Both photos taken from his Flickr set. The first photo, above, I find almost unbelievably gorgeous].

(Discovered via Xenmate, whose blog will also tell you about starling murmurations).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

amazing set of works.

I would call it An Art for the Sky

June 19, 2006 3:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the designs are so precise. Fantastic.

June 19, 2006 8:52 PM  
Blogger Phil said...

Beautiful. Reminds me of Andy Goldsworthy's work, but a way larger scale. Very cool.

June 24, 2006 2:10 AM  
Blogger The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Wow. I don't know whether the art itself is more impressive, or photographing via kite. Fabbo!

February 02, 2009 7:42 PM  

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