Quick Links 4

[Image: August Strindberg, Coastal Landscape II; via Andrew Ray's excellent blog Some landscapes].

I'm horribly behind in my Quick Links... so here are fifteen:

1) New York Public Library | Life at the library: The New York Public Library’s live-in superintendents
2) Quiet Babylon | Woven Spaces
3) L.A. Times | Household chemicals linked to reduced fertility
4) Telegraph | Two thousand year old Roman aqueduct discovered
5) GOOD | The seed industry's scary consolidation
6) Vague Terrain | Graffiti Markup Language
7) Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station | About those tunnels... and even more about those ice tunnels...
8) Related: mammoth | The City Beneath the City
9) Still related: WNYC | Journey to the Center of Manhattan and the Westside Tunnels
10) Still related! Scientific American | Mining for Algae: Could Abandoned Mines Help Grow Biofuel?
11) InfraNet Lab | Student Works: Trawling the Thames and Post-Peak Phosphorous
12) Speaking of InfraNet Lab, pick up a copy of -arium: Weather + Architecture (for instance, via Amazon)
13) Behance | Strange Worlds
14) The Onion | Stoner Architect Drafts All-Foyer Mansion
15) DARPA Strategic Technology Office | Comprehensive Interior Reconnaissance

And one to grow on: Alison Arieff | Space: It's Still a Frontier

(Some links via @nicolatwilley, @maudnewton, @eatingbark, Archaeology News, Archinect, and possibly elsewhere. Quick Links 1, 2, and 3).

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