Stratford Kiosks

[Image: Partial site plan for the Stratford Kiosks design competition].

An interesting design competition has been announced to produce a suite of minor buildings at the 2012 London Olympics:
    The Architecture Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of an open international competition to design a permanent yet flexible, free standing group of kiosks in Meridian Square, Stratford, London, for use before, during and after the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Situated at the front of Stratford Regional Station and hosting a variety of uses, the kiosks will serve as key venues for information, orientation and services within the rapidly changing town centre.
Here are all the basic site documents you need; you have to register, however, and the deadline for project submissions is 3 September 2010. Good luck!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there a prize beyond the opportunity to build

July 15, 2010 3:17 PM  

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