Spaces of Food #3: The Mushroom Tunnel of Mittagong

It seems appropriate, in the context of GOOD's ongoing week of interdisciplinary food writing, to revisit an old favorite post of mine, written by Nicola Twilley, about the extraordinary mushroom tunnel of Mittagong, where disused industrial infrastructure and an emerging food-production system fortuitously intersect.

[Image: The mushroom tunnel of Mittagong; photo by Nicola Twilley].

To make a long story short, Nicola and I had the pleasure, back in 2009, of visiting an abandoned railway tunnel in the hills southwest of Sydney, Australia, a site that has since been turned into a commercial mushroom farm. Featuring no less than a linear kilometer of underground mycological cultivation—racks upon racks upon racks, fruiting with mushrooms in the semi-darkness—it extended as far as the eye could see.

So, to see what we saw, you really should check out Nicola's post.

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