DredgeFest 2012

Speaking of sailing and the city, Studio-X NYC will host the Dredge Research Collaborative's inaugural DredgeFest symposium and NYC harbor boat tour next month.

[Image: Beach replenishment, Rockaway Beach, New York; photo courtesy U.S. Army Corps of Engineers].

DredgeFest will take place over two days—September 28 and 29—and it will be "a symposium about the human acceleration of sediments, and the technologies and techniques we’ve invented [to] manage it."
DredgeFest Symposium
Friday, 28 September 2012: 1pm-6pm
Studio-X NYC, 180 Varick St, Suite 1610 | Free and open to the public

DredgeFest Harbor Tour
Saturday, 29 September 2012: 1pm-6pm
Limited seating | Buy your tickets before September 6th at $34 (regular price $45)
The boat tour, in particular, is not to be missed:
On Saturday, September 29th, the Dredge Research Collaborative (and Studio-X NYC) will lead a boat tour of New York City's dredged landscape—with live commentary from the US Army Corps of Engineers and the National Park Service. We’ll see active dredging going on in the Ambrose Channel, which is being deepened to prepare for the opening of the Panama Canal Expansion, beach replenishment at Plumb Beach, and the rebuilding of marshy islands in Jamaica Bay, which had nearly eroded entirely over the past century.

The tour will be a heady mixture of light architectural theory, expert observations and heavy machinery, aimed at anyone and everyone who is not only interested in understanding the role of dredge in the functioning of New York, but seeing dredge in action. If you are at all curious about how New York's shoreline became what it is—or what it will become in the future—you should come along.
More information, including a great list of speakers for the symposium on September 28, is available at the DredgeFest website. Hope to see some of you there.

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