Emergency Exit

[Image: The SkySaver backpack in action via Kit Up!].

The SkySaver is a kind of emergency exit in a bag: a controlled-descent backpack loaded with hundreds of feet of fire-resistant cable. Just hook the line onto some fixed point in the structure behind you and lower yourself, two meters per second, to safety.

Marketed as a tool for urban warfare with—wouldn't you know it—handy civilian uses on the side, the SkySaver system's goal is to let you escape from, say, a building siege or a hotel fire. But, of course, it would also allow you to don your night-vision goggles and raid a high-rise from above, not escaping from but breaking into a building.

It's not cheap—retailing for $499 and $849, depending on how much cable you need—but its possible use in urban exploration or even burglary seems to be a market the company is not (yet) aiming to cultivate.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suspect that most people who would be breaking into a building, either for urban exploration or burglary reasons, would be able to rappel (abseil).

August 19, 2014 1:20 PM  
Anonymous Kurt Kohlstedt said...

The video on their site is quite hilarious - family dinner, fire, then calmly strap out your escape suit. Definitely better suited to urban exploration and non-emergency situations, I would say.

August 26, 2014 7:30 PM  

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