Maunsell Towers Sea Forts

Speaking of Gunkanjima Island... There's also Maunsell Towers:

"The [Maunsell Towers] Thames Estuary Army Forts were constructed in 1942 to a design by Guy Maunsell, following the successful construction and deployment of the Naval Sea Forts. Their purpose was to provide anti-aircraft fire within the Thames Estuary area. Each fort consisted of a group of seven towers with a walkway connecting them all to the central control tower." Constant's Babylon meets the economic mobilization of WWII. These look like a cross between the Empire's attack-convoy robot-walker things in *The Empire Strikes Back* and, yes, Constant's Babylon:

As such, these are dying to be used in a film.
Another site verges on the illiterate, but it's clearly enthusiastic, and explains the towers' construction.

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Blogger Tim Chapman said...

Not quite a film, but 'Modesty Blaise' author Peter O'Donnell used the Maunsell towers as a key location for his 1972 strip 'With Love from Rufus'. It's just been reprinted by Titan in the UK, in the 'Modesty Blaise: The Puppet Master' collection.

March 15, 2006 7:50 AM  
Anonymous cenoxo said...

The Martian war machines, 1898 and 1906.

July 30, 2006 1:48 AM  

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