Grant Morrison's Manhattan

Grant Morrison's *Manhattan Guardian* comic book series popped up in The New York Times this past weekend. In making/drawing it, Morrison was 'attracted by the fun of curating a personal version of New York,' and he 'laced [the city] with architectural marvels that were proposed but never actually constructed' – including buildings by Gaudi, Hans Hollein, Lloyd Wright ('Ellis Island Key'), and even Robert Moses (the Mid-Manhattan Expressway).

As Morrison descibes it, he wanted to create 'a more exalted New York,' using speculative architecture.

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Anonymous cenoxo said...

Don't forget Buckminster Fuller's exalted concept, Dome Over Manhattan Island.

Not only would the mile-high dome pay for itself through energy (and snow removal) savings, but its thin struts and clear panels would be invisible to the man on the street.

August 01, 2006 3:41 AM  

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