The £84 million flat

"Four flats overlooking Hyde Park are on sale for a rumoured £84 million each," the Telegraph reports. This is "the highest price ever asked for a British flat."

[Image: A new London development designed by Richard Rogers; via the Telegraph].

The design, by Richard Rogers, includes "four blocks made of glass and red weathered steel" – however, unnamed "sources" reveal that "the four penthouse flats could feature bullet proof windows, specially purified air and even 'panic rooms'. The security system is believed to have been developed after consultation with the SAS." The presumed tenants will be "Arab princes and Russian oligarchs."
Incredibly, a "tunnel will link the flats to the Mandarin Oriental hotel, which will provide a concierge service for the development." It will also provide an ongoing source of paranoid fantasies about subterranean invasions – burglary from below.
Some flats will come with a free, in-house psychoanalyst...

(Via Archinect).

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Blogger David Barrie said...

...and a personal de-bloater, enabling deflation of excessive Botox-induced foreheads at night, thereby enabling sound sleep. Available in the Jeremy Newson or Thomas Chippendale versions.

March 08, 2007 12:31 AM  

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