Starchitecture and Sustainability

There are at least two events in New York City this week worth checking out, both sponsored by the Forum for Urban Design (who also publish the Urban Design Review).

Tomorrow night, for instance, Debbie McMullen, Head of the London Plan Team for the Greater London Authority, will be speaking about sustainable urban development in an era of rapidly growing populations.
"London and New York are each expected to add over one million new residents by 2030," the Forum tells us. "Are the two cities prepared to grow?"
There will then be a response from the New York mayor's own Office of Long Term Planning and Sustainability.
Since I won't be able to attend, however, let me know if someone asks her about London's congestion charge, public transportation, and the prospect of a car-free Manhattan... Three things I'm a big fan of.

Then there's a panel discussion on Wednesday night about starchitecture – what to do about it and who's to blame. Panelists include Karrie Jacobs and Jonathan Glancey, and the whole thing will be moderated by Joseph Grima, the new head of the Storefront for Art and Architecture.
Both events are free and open to the public – and location, time, etc., appears on the flyers, featured here. If you want truly gigantic versions of both images, however, click here and here.
Have fun!

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a good definition of starchitect

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