Tectonic Real Estate

[Image: The epicenter: 3300 W. 112th Street].

...and another earthquake has shaken Los Angeles, at very nearly the same spot as Sunday night's temblor. This one was epicentered at 3300 W. 112th Street, beneath this lovely, detached, single-family house in Inglewood.
See this earlier post – or Michael Surtees – for more thoughts on urban tectonic events in an era of Google Street View (and don't worry: I won't post about every single earthquake that strikes L.A.).

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Blogger Jeremiah said...

This is one of those moments the proverbial light bulb goes on: hey....

This really is an interesting way to view data (Google maps correlation to seismic events). Good stuff.

May 20, 2009 3:33 AM  

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