Pamphlet Infrastructure

[Image: From InfraNet Lab's submission to the WPA 2.0 competition, "centered on the twin dilemma of rising population and water shortages in the US southwest."]

As a longtime fan of Mason White's and Lola Sheppard's work both at InfraNet Lab – an amazing web resource for anyone interested in cities, infrastructure, built landscapes, hydrological processes, international communications networks, and more – and at their architecture firm, Lateral Office – mentioned many times on BLDGBLOG before, from IceLink and A.I.R. Unit to Reykjavík's Runways to Greenways – and as an enthusiast for Princeton Architectural Press's Pamphlet Architecture series, I was absolutely thrilled to learn last week that InfraNet Lab will be authoring Pamphlet Architecture 30. Their book will be called Coupling: Strategies for Infrastructural Opportunism, and it will be published in 2010.

Along with Lola and Mason, Neeraj Bhatia and Maya Przbylski from Lateral Office will also be contributing – and this promises to be one of the best pamphlets yet. It's also fantastic news for Lateral Office, who well deserve this exposure for their ideas and work. Congrats, guys! I can't wait to see the results.

(By way of a brief PS, Mason will actually be speaking at the North American launch of The BLDGBLOG Book on Saturday, September 26, at Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York, along with Lebbeus Woods, another Pamphlet Architecture author).

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