Nazca City

[Images: From Ciudad Nasca/Nazca City by Rodrigo Derteano].

we make money not art has posted a short interview with artist Rodrigo Derteano, creator of a project called Ciudad Nasca/Nazca City—a reference to the famed Nazca Lines—in which a semi-autonomous robot tractor has carved a full-scale map of an imaginary city into the Peruvian desert. Watch the video:

The artist remarks that, while sometimes it can be quite melancholy watching the ephemeral geoglyphs of this make-believe robot city disappear a bit each day due to erosion, "most of the time," he says, "I think it is OK for it to be slowly erased by the wind."

Perhaps Derteano's machine secretly built California City.

See more at the artist's Nazca City blog.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some environmental mistake. The artist does not think about the small creatures living there. They can't cross the furrows. Some kind of stupid waste of time and environmental ressources. Just my 2 cents.

October 12, 2011 10:22 AM  

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