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[Image: Screengrab via the BBC].

A maritime fort constructed in the 1860s in the middle of the Thames Estuary is on the market for half a million pounds, or roughly $835,000.

[Image: Screengrab via the BBC].

With its fifteen-foot thick walls and insanely daunting approach—accessible on foot only at low tide and, even then, after a squelching walk across seemingly endless mudflats—it's certainly a good option if you're looking for solitude. Here it is on Google Maps.

[Images: Screengrabs via the BBC].

At first glance, it's an amazing offshore castle, a fairy tale artificial island of 19th-century military Romanticism roughly an hour's boat ride east of London.

[Images: Screengrabs via the BBC].

But don't jump in too quickly, lest you overlook the ruinous state of the place: it needs almost literally everything, from plumbing to electricity, glass windows to the most thorough cleaning you could imagine, having been open to the oceanic elements for decades.

[Image: Screengrab via the BBC].

The BBC has a video of the place, complete with a muddy walk-through and shots at both low and high tide.

[Images: Screengrabs via the BBC].

All negatives aside, though, this looks awesome; convince your billionaire best friend to buy it and we'll turn it into an offshore architecture school with an elective minor in the design of fortified micronations, complete with a bizarre summer school featuring boat-borne reenactments of famous sea battles throughout history...

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Anonymous Ed said...

Quick! To the hovercraft!


August 13, 2014 8:33 PM  
Anonymous Mike w said...

Your insurers may object to its proximity to the SS Richard Montgomery A US WW2 Liberty ship that sunk nearby and still has 1400 lbs of unexplored ordinance still on board.

August 14, 2014 6:32 PM  
Blogger Ken Cunningham said...

Bradley Garrett, the academic/urban explorer has a post on his blog about he and some friends overnighting in this place.

August 28, 2014 8:42 PM  

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